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When you have MIDI audio files, you may need to convert them at some point to MP3 format in order to play them in a specific device or burn them onto a CD. Both things are possible, but first, the MIDI files need to be converted to WAV in order to be burned or converted into MP3 format – and this is where Midi2Wav Recorder comes in.

This software has been designed to do these MIDI-to-WAV, MIDI-to-MP3, and MIDI-to-WMA conversions with a process that's as easy as pressing a single button. The program comes with two conversion methods: Soundfont and using the sound card. The first uses external sound sources and makes conversion much faster than real-time recording, and the second lets you record sounds synthesized by the sound card.

Midi2Wav Recorder can control the general level and saturation of the recording, while the built-in mixer lets you adjust the volume as desired. This tool lets you view and modify the instruments in the mixer and regulate volume and balance.

A nice feature in this program is the batch mode that lets you create our own music collections on an audio CD. Midi2Wav Recorder takes the total duration of the selected MIDI files into account, as well as the total size of those that have yet to be converted, to see if they'll all fit on the same CD. Midi2Wav Recorder can also convert any WAV file into an MP3/WMA file with a different compression quality.

- The demo version only saves 10 seconds of the files to be converted.

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